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Prohealing or 3-Dimensional Cosmic Healing is a revolutionary concept of healing. Health is available free to us from the abundance of Nature herself, we only need to restore equilibrium and bring about a harmonious state. We exist in a 3-Dimensional plane which, as per science we know as Time and Space continuum. Time and Space being the 2 dimensions and the third being the consciousness of the existing thing or being. A 3-Dimensional approach in health is something that involves your body’s anatomy, physiology and your consciousness.

At Prohealing we have created and designed specialized tools which bring equilibrium in each and every cell of your body and its functioning so that you can once again return to the harmonious state of true health.

Back Pain Relief Basic Combo (5 in 1)

This combo helps you deal with minor back pain. Also for those who have a niggling back pain now and then or you are looking for some relief in the present back pain. The 5 tools in this combo help you re-align your spine and release back pain with a static back curve (Backache Curve), improve foot arch problems (Backache Foot Mat), regularize energy flow in spine and back (Backache Roll International), release negative energy from trigger points (Backache Bang), a SuJok tool to activate back energy through points on the back of your palm (Backache wheel). This Combo has the following things in it


Backache Foot Mat

This specially designed foot mat with arch for your medial arches is not only designed to provide structural support to flat feet and fallen arches.

It can help you reduce pain caused by inflammation or extreme stress on the plantar fascia, reduce strain on the feet, and provide proper balance and support to reduce stress on your back.

Do step-by-step spot walking over the Foot Mat for 2-3 minutes to get desired effect. You can also do it while brushing your teeth!


Backache Roll International

This unique high powered magnetic roll is based on Japanese Shiatsu technique to regularize the energy flow in all vital organs of the body by improving spinal fitness and pumping magnetic life force into all your nerve roots and the back muscles.

It has benefitted more than 10,000 people till date ranging from back pain sufferers to athletes. It helps by increasing blood circulation, relieving tension and reducing soreness in back muscles, improving flexibility, and loosening tight muscles giving you a light or deep tissue massage depending on the pressure you can take.

Its extra-long handle gives it an extra grip and an option to do the massage by yourself without anyone’s help.


Backache Bang

Instant Relaxation! This is a magnet-pyramid powered, portable, battery-free, fun and easy to use proprioception tool to bring about relief in back pain by bringing stress release from the trigger points in your back.

You can use it whenever you have a back pain or also as a reset your stress levels back to zero after a long day’s work. Hold the handle with one hand and start tapping your back with the square flat end touching your back. Do it for about 3 minutes.


Backache Wheel

A small and effective tool based on the Korean SuJok system. Our body energy circulates through the channels called meridians.

Since hands and feet are the locations of systems of active points corresponding to all organs and part of the body, stimulation of these points produces a curative effect.

This tool helps you do the micro-correction by working on and treating tender points for back pain that are located on the back of your palms. Stimulation of the healing points will generally give instant results. Do it for about 1-2 minutes three times a day.


Backache Curve

Small, precisely shaped static curve, designed to fit behind the small of the back and support the spine in its natural shape. It purposely has a higher side to impart pressure to improve posture.

Helps to relieve the symptoms of much back-pain and helps reduce the chances of getting back-pain in the future.

Just lie down on the curve as per instruction manual for 3-5 minutes and let the dynamics of curve, 20 powerful magnets and 780 pyramid acupressure tips give you the boost.

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Prof. Dr. Dhara Bhatt


Dr. Dhara Bhatt Profile

Dr. Dhara Bhatt is a cosmic healer and author of more than 10 books. Her book “Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu has sold more than 1,00,000 copies world over and has been translated into 9 languages. She is a doctor of homeopathy and also has degrees in Yoga and Naturopathy. She is a natural clairvoyant who can see auras and energies; and is a Reiki master who is 5 th in lineage to Sensei Mikao Usui. She travels the world to educate, create awareness and conduct workshops on creating more health, happiness and wellness.