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Our Backache kits are designed by experts from medical as well as alternative therapy fields with feedback from physiotherapists, yoga masters, orthopaedic doctors and patients themselves.

  • What your back pain issue may be
  • Your comprehensive options for back pain treatment
  • What tools are used can help you during back pain treatment
  • What is an integrated approach (medical and alternative approach) to deal with back pain effectively?
  • How to treat your back pain on your own through special potentized magnetic tools and kits?
  • Where to find a ProHealing Backache clinic/expert
  • How you can become a ProHealing Backache expert and start a career

In the end, this website is a path for you to resolve your back pain issues. Weeducate people about their back pain conditions and treatment options, and helpthem find a back pain management solution to help end their back pain issues. Todo that, we’ve created a database of pain-related information, and it keepsexpanding every day.

Don’t suffer with back pain any longer. Use to find out more aboutyour back pain, see what your treatment options are, and then find a way to dealwith yourself or find a therapist. There’s no reason to be in back pain. Get treatedtoday!